NextGen Strata the 1st month!

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The 1st month of our new company, challenging but exciting. We cannot thank enough for the support and trust from our client! With the new system online and more features in place, we are determined to be different……

Print is Dead, Long Live Print


Everything goes digital now, more editable, more searchable, more protection (if know how-to). The efficiency relies on how quickly information can be retrieved and collated, the conventional way of information communication would only slow down the process……

Be Productive While Working on the Road


This is coming from a professional senior banker at an Australian leading investment bank that “if a company can not do business on the mobile, the end of it is only a matter of time”. Simple but powerful, if the mobile phone is still used as a phone, the future of a company is pretty much set…… Check out our … Read More

The Modern Workspace


The typical view of it should be: double screen computer, one mobile phone, one tablet for note taking, a cup of coffee and a forever adjusting height work desk……. Even better, sitting on a couch working on a laptop with Bluetooth phone ear phone connection, our staff should be relaxing however professional and reachable at the same time. Can we … Read More